September 2015 a brainstorm took place at the house of Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto (Gatot) (Art Music Today – AMT) took place. “Partner in crime”: Piet Hein van de Poel (Trace21, better known as PH). The main subject: about the need of a yearly stage for the latest developments of contemporary music and musicians in Indonesia.
Very well aware of the fact that all attempts to create that yearly stage has failed so far in Indonesia, they (Gatot and PH) established the strong wish to make this become true.

As you can imagine the foundation of the organization of OM was set by AMT and Trace21.
Obviously there was the need to have more organizations/music communities to be involved: Composers Collective (offering most of the personnel), Total Perkusi (main supplier of instrumentation and equipment), Rekambergerak (recording company, responsible for documenting OM) and Universitas Negri Yogyakarta (UNY – hosting OM).

In order to make the program of OM a contribution to the contemporary music and musicians in Indonesia, the decision was made to set up three main issues in the program: the Composition Competition, some high grade ensembles, including a new ensemble called October Meeting Ensemble (OME) and taking care about showing a number of aspects of contemporary music in Indonesia.
More details about the Composition Competition can be found below.
About the ensembles: to offer the best performers of traditional Indonesian music (but Contemporary!), the Bandung based Kyai Fatahillah conducted by Iwan Gunawan was ready to support OM. For awesome performances of vocals: Vocalista Harmonic conducted by Arthitya Diah Natalia Monica.
In order to offer qualified performances, a new ensemble called October Meeting Ensemble (OME) was set up, and given guidance and support by Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto and Asep Hidayat Wirayudha in rehearsing the pieces written for Western instruments.
The main issue: to make the OM the place for contemporary music and musicians in Indonesia, but on an international level.


Referring to the international standard in cases of composition competitions, the following “rules” were implemented:
– It be for young composers under 30 years of age
– Young composers to hold Indonesian citizenship
– Entries to be presented as a “Western” score (to enable international presentations in the near future)
– Duration of compositions: 5 – 8 minutes maximum
– No more than 6 players including eventual engineers needed for the performance)
– Electronics can be in 2-channels (not more!)
The jury:
Dieter Mack (Luebeck – Germany)
Gema Swaratyagita (Surabaya/Jakarta – Indonesia)
Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto (Ylogyakarta – Indonesia)
Iwan Gunawan (Bandung – Indonesia)
Roderik de Man (Amsterdam – the Netherlands)

July 2016 the jury made up a shortlist of six applications/compositions:
Abizar Algifari Saifullahir – Geh Opat
Andy Maulana – Pakuan X
Jay Afrisando – Gatra
Nursalim Yadi Anungerah – Anjing
Septian Dwi Cahyo – Translucent Diorama
Wendi Jiad Permata – Sakieu

Based on the fact that every entry has shown some problems in compositional logic/stringency, notation and realisation, and also considering the fact that every young composer is still searching for his artistic identity, the jury decided not to make a ranking. There are three selected pieces, beside a fourth one because of other circumstances.

By that it should also be a positive sign by the jury to the young artists that we did not want to favor a special stylistic direction. In opposite, diversity should be supported and by that, the young composers should be given the feeling that their individual development is more important than potentially following the “winning style”.
We even want to point out that the not selected pieces have shown a siginificant individuality and we do hope that those composers also continue on their  – not easy – way as self-critical contemporary artists.
(So far the jury statement, made up by Dieter Mack in the name of all jury members).

A special prize was made available by Cellosonata.nl. This special prize was granted with a composition commission for a short piece for violoncello and piano.
The winner of the Cellosonata.nl-prize: Pakuan X by Aldy Maulana.

By now (June 2017), Aldy Maulana finished the composition commissioned by Cellosonata.nl: STANDING HERE.

October Meeting 14. – 16. October 2016
– Location: Univesitas Negri Yogya – Fakultas Behasa dan Seni/Music department – Lab Karawitan (the building)
– 3 days – 3 concerts – 6 items per program
– Program details: see attached program book
– About 100 visitors per concert
– About 50 musicians
– About 20 composers
– About 30 crew
– Catering: about 550 meals
– 500 program books
– 2.500 flyers
– 100 posters